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RCS Business Messaging
- The direct line to your customers


Inform your customers directly about new products, services and promotions


Advise your customers individually and sell your products and services in direct customer contact

Customer Support

Resolve customer queries directly in mobile chat


Keep your customers' processes and contracts up to date with RCS Business Messaging

How does RCS Business Messaging work?

RCS Business Messaging is based on the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard and is pre-installed in the messaging app on your customers' smartphones. In contrast to conventional SMS, RCS Business Messaging offers a wide range of multimedia options. You can not only send text messages in your company design, but also videos, images and much more. This turns the smartphone into an effective communication channel, ideal for marketing campaigns, product sales, services and customer chats.

Directly to the demo

Test the customer experience of a payment directly. Experience for yourself how easy, secure and fast a payment can be. All you need is your cell phone and the corresponding phone number from Austria.

Questions and answers about
RCS Business Messaging

Here you will find answers to the most important questions about RCS Business Messaging

RCS Business Messaging is the new standard for communicating with your customers. RCS Business Messaging is based on the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard and is integrated directly into the pre-installed messaging app on your customers' Android smartphones. RCS Business Messaging is supported by mobile operators and hardware manufacturers worldwide.

  • Send messages directly to your customers or employees via RCS Business Messaging - with your brand as the verified sender.
  • Communicate with your customers, share text messages, images, videos and more. RCS Business Messaging supports diverse content.
  • Improve your customer service and use RCS Business Messaging as a chatbot channel! This will make your customer service more efficient and even better.
  • Use chat as a sales channel for your products and services - interactive and close to your customers.

The smartphone is the center of our digital lives and chat has long been standard in personal exchanges. RCS Business Messaging combines the advantages of SMS with those of modern messengers:

  • Send your customers messages with text, images, videos and other content. Our chat also offers special features for your messages - for example buttons and suggested replies. 
  • Make your customer communication interactive. With RCS Business Messaging and Chatbots you are even closer to your customers.
  • Reach your customers directly in the standard messaging app on their Android smartphone. Your customer doesn't have to download anything or register for the service.


Thus, RCS Business Messaging is your direct communication and sales channel to millions of customers.

RCS Business Messaging integrates directly with the native messaging app on Android smartphones, such as Messages from Google or Samsung Messages from Samsung.

RCS Business Messaging offers great opportunities to interact with your customers for a variety of use cases. Tailored to different use cases, we offer different business models. You want to know exact prices? Then please contact us directly via the Contact form (click here).


In total, around 45% of all private mobile phone users in Germany can use RCS Business Messaging:

You can find all details here in the current overview (just click for pdf-download).

According to an analysis by German mobile network operators, RCS Business Messaging is the best solution for A2P use cases (= end customer contact initiated by companies). A comparison with the WhatsApp Business API solution you can download here.

An agent means a chatbot that is setup to interact with end users. Display name needs to be a B2C Brand so end user can recognize where the message comes from. The agent profile needs to show the brand website, support contact and legal references. No B2B or generic agent names accepted - exceptions can be made to Demo/Test agents.

Learn more now: How can you deploy RCS Business Messaging in your organization?

Provider of RCS Business Messaging

in the networks of Telekom Germany, Vodafone Germany and Telefónica Germany

Get in touch with our expert Bernd Heinen from Telefónica Germany now

Contact our expert Alexander Santl from Telekom Deutschland now

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Experience RCS Business Messaging

Interactive, multimedia messages directly to the customer's smartphone in your design.
Test the live demo and discover RBM from the customer's perspective.

Your smartphone is not RCS-capable? No problem - follow our SMS link to the browser experience.

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